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Where To Stay In Buffalo When Visiting For A Bills Game

Believe it or not, there are Buffalo Bills fans located all around the country (and even some in other countries!). The Bills’ website has provided a map displaying all the Bills Backer Chapters in the world. Looking at this map can help make anyone realize that no matter how the Bills play and win or […]

2016 Buffalo Bills Season Has Begun!

As the Official Hotel Partner of the Buffalo Bills, Ellicott Hotels could not be more excited about the beginning of the 2016 season for our home team, the Buffalo Bills. We have been involved and working on things such as sponsoring the 2016 Buffalo Bills Schedule and hosting the Lucky Row Giveaway! The start of […]

Architecture and History Tour of Buffalo

Explore Buffalo’s Past Buffalo has an amazing history, back to the days of the Seneca Indians who lived in the area for more than a millennium. During the 1800s, Buffalo’s location helped it become a major transportation and industry hub. Battles took place here, and a president was assassinated here. Slaves traveled to the area […]